The Spread Tow Technology

TEi has own unique carbon spread technology, it calls "Electrostatic Dispersion Spreading Technology”.

It makes carbon fiber to be thinner than original and also presenting great effect during forming.
Electrostatic dispersion fulfills the lightweight possibility between carbon fibers.

The Braiding Technology

TEi provides all kind of diameter for any possible applications.
Biaxial direction from +/- 30°, +/- 45°, +/- 60°.
Triaxial direction from 0°, + 45°, - 45°.

The Carbon Coloring Technology

Dreamtex, the colored carbon fiber is based on TEi owns Micro Coloration Technology.

The pigment soaking around each single filament which MCT made the impossible to be possible.
With this great idea, colors are going to change your imagination for Carbon fiber.

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