• Providing your school or educational unit’s certifications.
  • Providing the year plan or activates’ plan, including the form with sign.
  • Providing completed plan and plan schedule, also your condition for TEI.
  • Providing what materials that you need from TEI (amount limited).
  • Meeting up with members (unit from Taiwan), foreign units provide the member list with ames and pictures.
  • Contract (depend the situation).
  • Educational unit need to provide official documents.
  • Shipping out the TEI materials (amount limited, foreign shipping cost is not included).
  • The unit keeps providing the schedule, pictures and effect before the plan end.

TEI has the right to use operative pictures, drawing (the copy right belong to the unit) for marketing publicity; the using place would be exhibition, papers, internet, advertisements and etc, the best working rights for both parties or third party

TEI has the right to stop supporting when the plan is difficult to the unit that plan doesn’t like the origin saying, and TEI also has the right to call indemnification

It’s allowed to apply second time sponsoring but it needs to provide the completed plan and TEI will inform the result after; the sponsor isn’t unlimited, one unit support one time a year only, with different project, it’s necessary to run all processes.

During the process, that rejected case would be happened.

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